This is comfort food, NOT health food. 
This is comforting and familiar.
This is the gateway drug 
to plant-based eating.
This is how to convince your stubborn 
Dad that vegan food is delicious.
This is not food designed for vegans.
This is food designed for EVERYONE.
Proudly Serving a 100% Plant-Based Menu: 

Rebel Burger   $8

Housemade patty, soft bun, Renegade Sauce, lettuce, pickle, tomato

Renegade Burger $10

Housemade patty, housemade Bacun, vegan cheddar, soft bun, Renegade sauce, lettuce, pickle, tomato

(Better Than) Mom’s Mac and Cheeze  $10 (GFP)

Housemade cashew cheeze sauce, elbow macaroni, wilted kale 

B.A.L.T.O. Sandwich $8

House made Bacun, avocado, lettuce, tomato, shaved red onion, homemade mayo (this ain’t your grandma’s BLT!) 

Pulled “Pork” Sandwich $8

Sweet and smoky braised jackfruit, soft bun, sriracha slaw

Tots (GF)

Side of tots $4
Add side tots to a meal $2

Tot Poutine $8

Tots, Housemade cheeze curds, miso gravy, green onion (add pulled “pork” $3)

Chili-Cheeze Tots $9 (GF)

Tots, corn and black bean chili con carne,  Housemade cheeze sauce, jalapeño, green onion

Corn Dogs, 2 for $7

Served with ketchup and/or mustard for dippin’

(GF) = Gluten Free
(GFP) = Gluten Free Possible

In true renegade fashion we utilize some rather unexpected ingredients. Please inform our staff of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Our food has a conscience, so we thought our packaging should too. Renegade Kitchen uses 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable boxes, utensils and to-go containers.